What is involved in converting a roof into a room?

If you have a loft or an attic you could convert it into another usable part of the house. A loft conversion can make for an ideal bedroom or study and can add up to 10% on your property value. When thinking of converting your roof space into another room there are some things you should weigh up before starting the process. Things to take into account are suitability and space, the current condition of the roof and joists and whether you will require planning permission or not.

As a rule, if the space being converted is less than 50sqm then you won’t need to get planning permission for the conversion. The next step will be to have a surveyor come to the property and check that the building can support the added extra load without causing problems to the home. Once a surveyor has assessed the roof space and plans have been drawn up the next step is to have wiring installed in the space for power sockets and lights etc, and remove any old water tanks or boilers.

Once the space is prepped the room will need to be insulated to help protect from the weather and extreme temperatures, this also helps reduce energy bills and increases the eco-friendliness of the home. Once the insulation is completed the next step is to have the floors reinforced and insulated. Reinforcing the floor by adding new joists can help with ensuring the room is able to withstand the addition of furniture etc. The floor then needs to be installed, usually with the use of wood panelling and ply board.

Next, the addition of windows and support to the rafters should be made before installing insulation in them. the Once the insulation is completed you can then fit the partition walls and drywalls before plastering them, at this point you should add any power outlets and sockets before sealing the trims and adding skirting boards. The ceiling should be plastered or artexed and sanded down before decorating. The final step is to install the door and the staircase. The staircase is the largest installation in a loft conversion and its placement needs to be thought over carefully so that the maximum floor space can be achieved without them being an obstruction downstairs.

The cost of converting a loft into another room can be a costly process, but the value it adds to the property should offset any money you spend on the conversion.


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